Chicken to Change

Phew – long time no me…been a bit crazy of late (when isn’t it?)…and mebbe will start filling in some blanks as we go along.  But mean time, here’s the bouncy little Freshlyground song “Chicken to Change” (puppets courtesy of those old skelms ZAnews) that’s been causing such a skop anna donner for its satirical portrayal of Mad Bob.  Got them denied entry to Zimbabwe it did…sigh…


Enter Hitler to the AWB/Malema Circus

I wish they’d stop calling Malema, Terre’Blanche, Visagie et al “clowns” – it is a flippen insult to clowns, if you ask me.  These people are just morons, without the grace and naiveté of clowns the world over, through history and present.

What a week – from murders, Energade-spraying court stand-offs, E-TV outbursts, touching on studios, bloody bastards and agents…it truly is, as M&G put it, belly-flopping into “idiocracy”.

Thankfully, the interweb spins off its parodies, exposes such idiot behaviour, and allows us some moments of lightness in what could probably be a pretty dark and kak time for all.

Thanks to Matthew Buckland for posting this.  This Hitler parody has been around a while (I remember the version on the 2007 Super 14 final with joy), and here it resurfaces again, courtesy this time of Gus Silber, with dear old Adolf responding to the AWB calling off their machete race war.

Buckland writes:

“The original excerpt from the film is of Hitler launching into a furious tirade in his Berlin bunker upon finally realising that the war has been lost. The scene from the movie has become the staple of internet viral videos, spawning hundreds of parodies world-wide. It’s even become what is known as a “meta-meme”, because the meme itself is parodied in one of the videos. In many ways Silber’s version is particularly apt because of the similarity between the Swastika and the red and black “777″ symbol of the AWB. In fact, Hitler offers some constructive criticism of the AWB logo. Watch it and weep… with laughter.”

Laugh and weep.  About the best thing we can do right now, just before something serious needs to be done about the idiots.

Under the Mountain

So hands up – who remembers this from childhood of yore?  getting freaked out and spooked by the mud-worm-Wilberforces and cheering on the twins with their “eggs” of power?  Remember the model of the solar system and the turning of the Wilberforces into their slime variations?  Remember the guy-twin nearly fucking the whole thing up near the end?  Classic.

Not so sure it’s aged well, but still would love to see the original series just for a throwback to yesteryear.

Here’s another bit of a mash-up of various scenes…

And, missioning around the interweb, discovered that they’ve actually filmed it and released it last year.  Never quite got here, methinks, although mebbe still en route?  Or mebbe to snaffle up at a DVD shop somewhere.  Worth a tribute.  Worth a look in.  Don’tcha think?

Ah childhood.  Ah, memory.  Ah, TV…

Hold your Horses

Heh.  Gotta love it – this is one of the cleverest music vids I’ve seen in a while…”70 Million” by Hold your Horses, involving the band in various famous artworks – “The Death of Marat”, “The Last Supper”, “The Scream”, “The Anatomy Lesson”, “Venus” and others.  Lots of cardboard, drapery, cheekiness and outrageous sense of humour.  Dig it!

Happy Birthday Twin Peaks

20 years old.  Awesome!  Check here for an article looking at its impact on TV, as well as tributes from stars and crew.

I remember this breaking all over SABC.  Monday nights were legendary …creep upstairs, spooky theme music fills the house (Kork.E shivers in her room by nervous proxy), the episode freaks you out, turn off all lights with Killer BOB emblazoned in mind…go downstairs to room, unscrew burglar guard of window, sneak out back for a smoke near the trees…aaargh, the damn trees!  Mist lying low over the whole scene.  Fastest cigarettes I ever smoked!  Delicious mind-fuck.  Awesome!

Started rewatching the whole shebang over xmas holidays…must take up the slack and watch to the end…

Die Antwoord sign to Interscope

Quoth the raven: “this is some next-level shit”.  According to News 24, Die Antwoord ahve recently signed up with Interscope Records, and will now be label-mates with big-ass bands like Eminem, Black Eyed Peas, 50 cent, G-Unit, and U2.  Ees pretty cool, I reckon.  They deserve a shot at real fame and exposure, though it will be interesting to see where it all goes.  They also drawing some heavy fire from SA music writers etc who cry a usual “sell-out”, but man – why not?  If there is so much international interest, why not go there?  And if the rest of the world buys their image more readily than SA, then so what?

The scariest thing means that we gonna get some bone-headed fans out there who suddenly think that everyone here sounds like that, or dresses like that, and irony will go right out the window.  My money’s on them being American.  Sigh…

Enter the Ninja

I guess you’d have had to be dead or locked away somewhere not to have heard of Die Antwoord, the zef-rave crew from the northern ‘burbs in Slaapstad.  They’ve basically taken over the interweb airspace, particularly in the last few weeks, as the full glare of national and international focus has turned on them.  They’re big, uploads and views of their zef stylee such as “Enter the Ninja” now mushrooming over the million and a half mark, and they’re getting bigger with international tours etc upcoming.

And they seriously funny, with a huge bulge of ironic tongue in cheek.  And they rock out – this is the band we introduced to the masses at Al and Claire’s wedding last year and got the floor heaving.

There’s a weird thing going around with a lot of dignified Afrikaans journos taking up their case and bemoaning the fact that a lot of us English-speaking peeps are suddenly converts (not caring that some of them have recently just twigged while we’ve been listening and watching since they first popped up early 2009 and made most of their album available on the website wat kyk jy) – and dissing them for liking, and “looking down” on their zef shenanigans.  OK, OK, broad generalisation I know…Die Antwoord are not without their critics – check out Koos Kombuis writing about them here.  And there’s an interesting balanced dig into their supposed zef-ness here.

I think the coolest thing is that it’s got people seriously talking, and seriously paying attention, speaking about the Afrikaans and identity debate raging on, and opinion split between them being awesomely cool media wranglers and zeitgeist monitors or flash in the pan hucksters.  The jury’s out – all we know is that are a wicked brew of intentional deflection and arch interweb-savvy manipulation.  And they cool, and they kak funny.  And if they got the Durban crew suddenly listening to Afrikaans-infested rap and gooing a bit of their own taal, then that’s a good thing.



Are they truly die antwoord?  Mebbe.  Mebbe not.  Like Bunny says: “wat was die vragie?”

As a last word, check this out – this is one of  Waddy and Yolandi’s previous incarnations as MaxNormal.TV – if this video doesn’t give some indication of where they’re about to go (this made in 2008) then I dunno.  In many ways, a brilliant song.