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What’s in a name?

It’s one of the first things people ask – what up with the name?  It goes something like this – Ugly Bob is a character in South Park who appears in Terence and Philip’s Not Without my Anus.  His face is so hideous, it’s like “somebody tried to put out a forest fire with a screwdriver”.  So Terence and Phillip give him a paper bag to put over his head so he can score chicks.  Which he does, later.  With Celine Dion.


The kick of course is that he looks exactly the same as Terence and Phillip.  Which just goes to show.

Anyhoo, so at Varsity, this sexy chick drops this as a nickname on me, and sure as eggs – it sticks.  Not “Spikey Bob”.  Or “Angsty Bob”.  Or “Flippen Awesome Bob”.  But “Ugli Bob”.  So Ugli we became.  And here we are, 10 years later, meeting someone…Them: “Hi, I’m Steve – you are…?”  Me: “I’m Ugli.”  Always a brief pause.  A double take.  An explanation.  And there you have it.

Ah, and the sexy chick?  Best ending to a story ever – we married last year.  Hah!  One for the misfits!

4 responses to “What’s in a name?

  1. Tink ⋅

    If you remember correctly, you PROGRESSED to Ugli Bob. I think you started as Spikey Bob, darkened into Angsty Bob, then triumphed as “Ugli Bob”. What sexy chick could refuse??

  2. samjane ⋅

    Notwithstanding that Tink is indeed sexy as all getout, I still refuse to call you Ugli. It’s cute and all, but Bobby is the name for me.

  3. uglibob ⋅

    I’ll take all names…I used to be more in a flutter of identity and many different things to different people…but now ees all just really the same. ‘twould be strange to hear you call me that anyway, as weird as it is when tink calls me “rob”. you know you’re in kak. or something.

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