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Back to Joshi?

It’s been 2 weeks now since we finished our Detox. We haven’t changed all that much in our diet – with the possible exception of exactly 4 cups of coffee in 14 days. And some other fruit. Which was really nice.

The biggest change has been booze. OK, we at a particularly stressful time, with the opening of our new show, Pictures of You, and the nightly performance is draining, intense, and we get wound up. Nothing quite like relaxing and unwinding afterwards with a whiskey or 2.

And here comes the kicker – man, can the body feel it! The last few days I’ve been exhausted, battling to wake up, yawny, stiff, and so on. Now we talking here about a whiskey or 2 per night. That’s not a lot at all. And a glass of red wine at our opening. But nothing compared to how we have been at times in the past. But that damn Joshi has rewired our systems, and I’m seriously considering going back on his detox. Seriously.

We seem to be straying onto the pathway of being boring. That sucks. No matter how healthy it is. But the feeling of being clear, and fresh, and cool, was awesome. As addictive as booze or anything else that might blow our trumpets.


One response to “Back to Joshi?

  1. Oliver ⋅

    Oh Gosh!

    I know the feeling Ugli…However we have gone the ‘bobo’ route here in that we seek to find goood quality alcohol…especially wine (Which are surprisingly cheap here in Berlin)…I mean as good as old Yoshi sounds it sure dont fit to a punk like you (smile) if done on a sustainable basis. Look to find alcohols with less sulphur (bad preservative which can give you a killing hangover and tiredness), and look to each and drink heAP OF WATER…Sardines go down with a whiskey a heap well, you wont have a hangover, but you might be sleeping on the couch non the less cos ya smell so bad…Truth of the matter is…Good wine, good sleep, good work…mmm…sounds like a dream…perhaps only to those that can afford it?…or perhaps those that dare to rob the bank (or the supermarket…smile)…Oh yes beeg guy…just for that reason, we are staying in Berlin for that leetle bit longer…xxo

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