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friends-band-standingJa…feelin’ a leetle blue.  We having a moment with a very good friend of ours who seems to be wanting to push out in their own direction and, for some reason, is terrifically angry with us.  I say “some reason” cos they ain’t talking so well with us.  Comms have really broken down for various reasons.  It’s pretty kak.  And I don’t imagine they’re feeling any better.

There’s anger, confusion, love, worry, stress, disappointment, and pride all jammed together in life’s beeg cement mixer and Satan’s hitting frappé.

So for today a dedication of a lyric by Mr Malcontent himself, Lloyd Cole:

walking in the rain walking with jesus and jane
jane was in her turtle neck i was much happier then
am i asking oh for so much
you could do anything you wanted to
am i asking oh for so much
no just something that i can hold down
because it`s all downhill now
so let me count the times that we swore and lied
that we`d tie ourselves to the railway line
let me count the times when of course we lied
well we know no better it was no crime
let me count the times
i well i don’t know when i when i`ll be content
but i do know i need a brand new friend

It’s not literally saying go fuck yourself we don’t wanna see you no more.  Mebbe it’s not understanding and not wanting to be friends with you like this.  But a commitment to repair what’s in sy moer in.  Y’know?

It’s time basically – to heal all wounds and wound all heels.

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