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All Sorted!

Well, things work out as they should and they have been easily solved.  It’s amazing how ridiculously simple things can be, even when you’re embroiled in it and up to the neck. 

The choppy waters of friendship are smoothed again.  We are moving out of a period of intense conflict towards some resolution and it’s all good.  It hopefully mirrors a coming up, a straightening out, and a new chapter!  Rock on!

2 responses to “All Sorted!

  1. Wendy

    And when all is said and done, it’s always worse in our heads and a relief to get things out in the open. (Speaking from my own experience, natch.) Dang it, we’re a complex bunch, us peeps!

    • uglibob ⋅

      you absolutely right! ’tis the doubt of the broody midnight what always looks dumb and embarrassed the next morning as you think briefly, “man, I gotta brush these teeth…” er, if that ain’t stretching too metaphorically far…

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