Gone Feeshing

Will be away in Beunos Aires, Argentina, for the next 10 days or so.  We’re performing our show, GUMBO at the Proyecto 34°S Festival there.  It’s this really great Argentina-South Africa Cultural Exchange dreamed up by that awesome lass, Nikki Froneman (who let’s shout out “Happy Birthday” to!  yeah!), and we’re flippen lucky to have been selected.

Dunno if I’m gonna get much of a chance to blog away with a rhythmic passion, and I’m bummed to be missing the action on Wednesday when y’all better vote!  There’ll be kak if I get back to find out otherwise!

But check out the action on my other blog, A Conspiracy of Clowns.  Gonna try capture the vibe as it’s happening.

Til later then, I say Adios. Uh huh, I say Buena suerte.


Z News, powered by Zapiro: binned or banned by the SABC?

A week or so ago I posted the  Z-News clip of Mbeki doing I will survive.  The full pilot has recently been posted to Zoopy and you can watch it right now below.

Some of it very funny, other stuff with enough potential to make you cry out that they be allowed to continue down this path…but sadly the show has been rotting in SABC basement for the last year and a bit.  Sies! (Mind you, word on the street is that the SABC is pretty much bankrupt and there are a long list of debtors and other artists/camera people and so on waiting to be paid, so who knows…)

But give it a burn, see what you think, and you can gooi comments here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Z-NEWS-powered-by-Zapiro/68129900560

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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New Nando’s Ad – laugh through the kak

HaHaHaHaHa…just to prove that they ain’t lost their balles yet, Nando‘s come bouncing into the fray with this awesome ad.  (Is it for real, by the by?)

Important guy sends lackey to Nando’s to buy a meal, saying he should take money from petty cash.  Lackey responds it’s free – mahala. He told Nando’s it was for the Big Important Guy and so maybe they should “drop their charges”.

This ripped off radio this morning – just missing the beginning.  You gotta love the interweb…

Hmm. Have now just encountered the liability of free WordPress blogs – can upload pics and links no probs, but not other files.  Damn. Here’s a link to it instead. Quickly now – am sure they will kill it soon: http://www19.zippyshare.com/v/39304177/file.html

And I go shuffling off to find out about an upgrade…Tum Ti Tum…

The less said, the bitter

03apr09xzapiroBleurgh.  It’s really hard to remain focussed and positive sometimes.  See me jump on this bandwagon late, but am pretty fucken upset and depressed about the charges being dropped. It remains an absolute startlingly embarassment to have old Jay Zed being touted all over the place as the next prez.  Goddamnit.

In the doomy pall that settles over us at the moment, perhaps the one saving grace is a feeling starting to emerge that we are entering into a sharp learning curve of democracy – and maybe, just maybe, we will all learn a little lesson on how valuable it truly is, and what actually having a vote means.  We could all do with a little roundhouse kick to the temple of apathy.

In the meantime…bleurgh. Ons survive met ‘n hellsa lot pein in hierdie land, ja


I’m really bummed abut this one – I can’t vote.  It’s true.  I’m registered, and up to date, and…OK OK, who am I kidding – is there really anyone proper to vote for?!?!?…but anyone and everyone should just make their mark against what is a crushing and onerous probability of the ANC and JZ in power.  Fucken hell.  America has only just come out of the worst political period in their history (and there’ve been some awesome fuck ups there) – are we just about to start ours?  Unfortunately so, it seems.  Sigh.  So vote.  Vote vote vote!

So here’s a shout out to something that got canned before it even made the SABC…Z-News, featuring the satirical talents of Zapiro and the cream of the crazy amazing Cape Town puppet community…check it…

I’m not saying I support old Thabo.  It’s just a wistfulness for pre-JZ.  Ah bien, those were the days…

Oh, and the reason I can’t vote?  I’m out of the country.  Hang on, you cry – an important court case was won allowing travellers to vote in their respective countries.  True, but it was never gong to be that easy.  So I fall between the cracks of beurocracy (urgh) and miss by a day or 2 eligibility that side (Argentina) or this side (SA).  Bastards.