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I’m really bummed abut this one – I can’t vote.  It’s true.  I’m registered, and up to date, and…OK OK, who am I kidding – is there really anyone proper to vote for?!?!?…but anyone and everyone should just make their mark against what is a crushing and onerous probability of the ANC and JZ in power.  Fucken hell.  America has only just come out of the worst political period in their history (and there’ve been some awesome fuck ups there) – are we just about to start ours?  Unfortunately so, it seems.  Sigh.  So vote.  Vote vote vote!

So here’s a shout out to something that got canned before it even made the SABC…Z-News, featuring the satirical talents of Zapiro and the cream of the crazy amazing Cape Town puppet community…check it…

I’m not saying I support old Thabo.  It’s just a wistfulness for pre-JZ.  Ah bien, those were the days…

Oh, and the reason I can’t vote?  I’m out of the country.  Hang on, you cry – an important court case was won allowing travellers to vote in their respective countries.  True, but it was never gong to be that easy.  So I fall between the cracks of beurocracy (urgh) and miss by a day or 2 eligibility that side (Argentina) or this side (SA).  Bastards.

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