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New Nando’s Ad – laugh through the kak

HaHaHaHaHa…just to prove that they ain’t lost their balles yet, Nando‘s come bouncing into the fray with this awesome ad.  (Is it for real, by the by?)

Important guy sends lackey to Nando’s to buy a meal, saying he should take money from petty cash.  Lackey responds it’s free – mahala. He told Nando’s it was for the Big Important Guy and so maybe they should “drop their charges”.

This ripped off radio this morning – just missing the beginning.  You gotta love the interweb…

Hmm. Have now just encountered the liability of free WordPress blogs – can upload pics and links no probs, but not other files.  Damn. Here’s a link to it instead. Quickly now – am sure they will kill it soon:

And I go shuffling off to find out about an upgrade…Tum Ti Tum…

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