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Back from beyond

Wa-heyy, and we’re back from Argentina! What a crazy town Buenos Aires is…phew, it’s a real lifestyle change. And just as we were getting used to it, we had to turn aound and come back. No fair. Now we try to adjust to good old Slaapstad life again.

Anyhoo, on the flight back, it gets lank boring. There’s only so much TV you can watch on those crappy little blinking screens, so many little glasses of water you can drink (they’d RUN OUT of decent whiskey…I ask you, how does an airline RUN OUT of booze? Sacrilege!), and only so many times to get your knees whacked by the doos in front of you who wriggles like he should be ritalin or something. Bastid. So Tink and I amused ourselves by playing stupid little games (we were trying to get her mnd off the fact her laptop and passport had been pilfered the final day…eish) and the best we found was turing each other’s light on, thus signalling the other person to break into “I like to sing-a…”, which is what happens to Cartman whe he gets an anal probe and he starts picking up satellite TV or something. I know, I know – small minds. You really had to be there. All that jazz.

So I been looking around, and it’s actually real – it’s a Looney Tunes cartoon from way back when, and here it is. Sweet!

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