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A Puppet on a String

Just when you thought things couldn’t get sillier, the chicken saga continues.  Not only were you able to bid for Julius the puppet (who, after threats of militant action by the ANCYL, returned to screens with face blurred out and voice changed to “protect” the “innocent”) and actually own the thing, but he’s now sold.

For 10 grand. Seriously.

Ah well. Apparently the cash is going to good cause – the Self-Help Development Organisation, which empowers young men by enabling them to finish matric and learn a trade like mechanics, electrical engineering and woodwork skills.  I’m not making this up.  I dunno if they’re still taking liberal pot-shots at old J.  And then…and then…asked for reaction, he says that he’s too busy building the new government to focus on “these puppets” and “cannot be concerned about chickens”.

Although, he does admit, "I eat chicken, it doesn’t matter which chicken, whether it’s one from the streets, cooked…"

I dunno.  Sometimes I really dunno.

One response to “A Puppet on a String

  1. Wendz

    Oh! I can hardly wait for the Loeries in September. (Sigh.)

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