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Creepy Crawly Sex

And we’re back from Jozi! It was rad, bad, and dangerous to be alive in…as always…more trouble to write about and/or come.

Talking about rad bad and dangerous though, got this sent through to me as a reminder/scare tactic to ALWAYS WEAR A CONDOM.

Apparently a shock tactic from the French to get youngsters to wear condoms, it’s a visual uppercut to remind you that, hey, you might very well be having sex with AIDS. Kinda scary, yes.

“Without a condom you’re making love with Aids. Protect yourself.” That’s, seriously, the tagline.

Would shock tactics like this drive people towards the condom? Hmmm…the jury’s out. What do you think?

Check out more details here.

2 responses to “Creepy Crawly Sex

  1. tarrynsmask ⋅

    UGH!!!! No, this promotes anti- nausea meds. Or perhaps never looking lovingly at anyone (or anything) ever again! Could also promote beastiality. How about pesticide? But seriously, this “shock tactic” is pretty shock tactless. The reaction (cringe, wretch) distracts one from the actual aim of the ad. I’ve already forgotten what it’s about.

    • uglibob ⋅

      I guess that’s the point. We used to draw little “family trees” in drama class of who’s been with whom, and damn it’s scary! Basically you’ve slept with everyone by association. Everyone.

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