Ex Smoker

It’s true.  Don’t hate me, but I am.  Not sanctimonious and in yer face about it, but now 2 and and a half years free of the habit.

Or am I?

Been a curious couple of days.  It goes like this: a week or so ago we had a party at our house…kinda spontaneous and evolving, but people stayed til the small wee hours and then sodded off leaving the usual chaos behind…and 2 packs half full of cigarettes.

So they get part of the big clean up, and for some reason they weren’t thrown out.  And there they’ve stayed, tucked next to the vitamins.  This wasn’t planned, and I’ve only just realised the horrible irony there.  But over the last few days, there’s been this weird ear worm going…hey Ugli, why don’t you just have one?  Tink’s now away, and you can sneak one and no one will know, and it doesn’t mean anything, and it’ll be cool, like being a teenager again – unscrewing the burglar guards at night and sneaking out to have quick smoke.

Crazy, really.  That little ear worm will just not go away.

And have I thrown away the cigarettes yet?  What do you think?


Hockey Moms?

This is a weird one, but the last few days as I mission from rehearsal to home, or back again, I’ve noticed a strange occurance.  In the astro fields next to Hartleyvale Stadium there are always hockey matches going on.  Or practice drills.  Or hoards of various young ladies similarly red-faced and pretty violent.  This isn’t the weird bit.  Even when it’s raining.  Or flooding.  They’ll still be there, chasing after their balls.

No, the weird bit is the last few days I’ve noticed single cars parked outside the grounds, on the side of Liesbeeck Parkway, and inside these cars are solo middle aged women.  Ostensibly watching hockey.   Never the same car, nor the same women (though now of course, I’m gonna have to check, and keep notes), but they sit there rain or shine, watching.

Now this strikes me as kinda creepy.  The image I have of Hockey Moms is either what Sarah Palin has winked into my brain (damn her!), or some savage lass like the one to the right who’s verbally and/or physically abusing the coach, fellow players, fellow parents, the field, their daughters, the ball…and so on.  My mom was not as hard-core when I used to play sport at school – though there were a few stories…but back then there were definitely no loners lurking on the wrong side of security fences and razor wire, just watching watching watching.

So there’s a story there, and I’m gonna try find it.  Who are they watching?  And why?  Is it their daughter?  But then why aren’t they sitting in the stands where all the other (presumedly) moms are sitting?  Have she and her daughter fallen out?  Or has she just lost her job and is spending the afternoon getting sauced on gin and juice?  Was she driving along listening to depressing talk radio and pull over to have a good cry to be sucked into the bizarre symmetry of a hockey practice?  Watching and mourning lost youth?  Or something more sinister…


The Story of Stuff

Friends of ours are producing a great object manipulation show, “Paraphrenalia”, at the National Arts Festival starting in 3 weeks. They clock this as a reference point, and it makes for some fascinating and quite sobering viewing.  Some days you just wanna weep with frustration at the sheer reckless determination to make a buck.  We are so screwed.  I’d love to blame America (and don’t we all, really?) but it’s really just humans.

If the viewer ees a little small, then go to its website here.

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To wit or to tweet?

Ja, I know – hardly original…everyone’s including a thought or two about Twitter in various forms…mostly by bemused people who just can’t figure it out.  Which is all of us.  Ruight?  Right??

But it’s true.  It’s both kak and the fastest growing social network tool (should I wiki-tweet that for verification?) so we feel compelled to use it.  “Have just blogged on Twitter.”  Great.  Riveting stuff.

Anyhoo, found this on Matthew Buckland’s blog.  Ees usually an excellent read, and this one no exception as it slices and dices the whole twooting phenomenon.  Check it.