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Ex Smoker

It’s true.  Don’t hate me, but I am.  Not sanctimonious and in yer face about it, but now 2 and and a half years free of the habit.

Or am I?

Been a curious couple of days.  It goes like this: a week or so ago we had a party at our house…kinda spontaneous and evolving, but people stayed til the small wee hours and then sodded off leaving the usual chaos behind…and 2 packs half full of cigarettes.

So they get part of the big clean up, and for some reason they weren’t thrown out.  And there they’ve stayed, tucked next to the vitamins.  This wasn’t planned, and I’ve only just realised the horrible irony there.  But over the last few days, there’s been this weird ear worm going…hey Ugli, why don’t you just have one?  Tink’s now away, and you can sneak one and no one will know, and it doesn’t mean anything, and it’ll be cool, like being a teenager again – unscrewing the burglar guards at night and sneaking out to have quick smoke.

Crazy, really.  That little ear worm will just not go away.

And have I thrown away the cigarettes yet?  What do you think?

2 responses to “Ex Smoker

  1. Wends

    From an ex-smoker-wannabe (but obviously not badly enough) I’m horrified that smokers would leave their cigarettes behind. The only other thing I’m as possessive about is my lighter.

    And in the words of Smoke Enders, remember this little mantra: You’re a puff away, from a pack a day. (I know only too well how true that is!)

  2. uglibob ⋅

    Yep…too true, too true. It’s such a weird dice with addiction – having got out of it all, now to amble along the edge and genuiniely think – but it’ll only be like 1 or 2 again, what harm could that possibly do?

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