A-Rovin’ Punk

This is really interesting and pretty cool – BBC have been scratching their collective noggins to get young ‘uns interested in poetry again.  Enter one Corin Hardy, a London-based artist with Academy Films, who was commissioned by the BBC to make a short viral film for their Poetry Season. His 75-second mash-up features vocalist Jonny Fox (a.k.a. “Itch”) of the King Blues (who, I must admit, I’ve never heard of) reciting Byron’s So we’ll go no more a-roving. The dude walks through classic end of gig scenes (booze flying, hair spraying, crowd surfing) and crosses the ages with his delivery of lines like:

“Though the night was made for loving/  And the day returns too soon/Yet we’ll go no more a-roving/By the light of the moon.”

I’m not entirely convinced of the whole package.  But I think it’s kiff that they’re trying.  It’d be really sweet to see someone like the Rudimentals or 340ml do Serote’s “Johannesburg City” or something similar in this country.  Remind us all how far we have and how far we haven’t come yet. 


A relationship-defining moment…and Larry

Forgive a silly sentimental post, but Tink and I just were canning ourselves at lunch over this memory.  A number of years ago, when we’d just gotten together, and were actually living together for the first time (tiny flat, Grahamstown, kinda post student life…but only just), we chanced over this episode of Pinky and the Brain (and Larry) where the meglamaniac pair are joined by a third chaacter, Larry, who basically just gets in their way.  But it’s classic…cos everything is adjusted by the afterthought “…and Larry”.  Which of course becomes part of our mythology from there on in, and everything is attcahed with the hysteria-enducing “…and Larry”.  Try it at home.  You’ll see.  It’s a scream.

Wild Times, Wild Things

Phew.  Well, it’s been a gruelling if somewhat successful last few weeks at the National Arts Festival, where my other side comes out and the Ugli guy takes a backseat.

But we’re back now and swinging forth into the wild undergrowth…and on that, I finally got my grubbies on this which has been around awhile I know, but for some or other reason it’s been inaccessible.  But now we have it.  Bring it on.