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Wild Times, Wild Things

Phew.  Well, it’s been a gruelling if somewhat successful last few weeks at the National Arts Festival, where my other side comes out and the Ugli guy takes a backseat.

But we’re back now and swinging forth into the wild undergrowth…and on that, I finally got my grubbies on this which has been around awhile I know, but for some or other reason it’s been inaccessible.  But now we have it.  Bring it on.

3 responses to “Wild Times, Wild Things

  1. i have the book to this, I was inspired by the muriels(is this spelled correctly?)on the walls of the Sublime cafe in Gtown (remember that gr8 place diagonally across from the Drama dept @ Rhodes that soled gr8 pies and Thai food.)Its excellent and so naive… Ok I get back to the packing and unpacking…………….Bah

    • uglibob ⋅

      of course! I’d forgotten about the Sublime paintings! yeah – this book carried a lot of us into vague stumblings of adult childhood…looks like it’ll all come around again

  2. Tamara ⋅

    I can’t wait. I just can’t wait.

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