The Gates of Hell

This from a cool site of wonderfully bizarre and awesome things and places to see in a lifetime.

This particular one is known as Darvaza Gas Crater or “the Gates of Hell”.  Story goes that in 1971, a Soviet drilling rig by mistake punched into  a huge underground gas cavern.  The ground collapses, the entire rig falls into the hole, and poisonous fumes start leaking out at a very worrying rate.  Keen to ward off an ecological nightmare, the clever Soviets set it alight.  It hasn’t stopped burning since.

This is all in a desert called Karakum in Turkmenistan.  Close by is a village called Derweze which has 350 occupants.  I hadn’t heard of it either.  But there’s this gat 328 feet wide that’s been burning for the last 38 years.  Scary and kinda cool.  Like why don’t they pump gallons of rocket fuel down Kimberley Hole and set it alight?  Ah – you see, one shouldn’t say these things on the interweb…

Check out Atlas Obscura for other interesting oddities.


Ladies’ Night?

Thanks to Granny for letting me know about this one.  This is for Smallz.  Why?  No no no – no snide comment at him, but more as finally a comeback for putting out the word on “Dick in a Box” all those years ago.

Coming across as a laid back, funk acoustic groove, with hints of Tenacious D, I know I really should have bumped into these guys Flight of the Conchords earlier, and so mebbe this is old news.  But a great song, and a great version from HBO One Night Stand series.  Oh hey…and tonight’s Wednesday.  I’m just saying.

For all the married guys out there.  Hit it!

Follow the White rabbit

Ahhh…another interesting remake coming our way soon. I’m still looking for a copy of the doomed 1972 musical version with Peter Sellers in it (cover to the left)…seriously, if anyone ever finds it, I will donate a kidney or 2.  I probably shouldn’t say that online.

But this time it’s Tim Burton who has a crack at Alice, with Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter (who else?) and Helena Bonham Carter as the Red Queen…and a whole bunch of other famous peeps.  It’ll be interesting to see how Tim does at such a seminal book, and whether he can pull off what many versions haven’t quite done yet.  There are already mutterings about Alice now being a 19 year old, but hey.  It looks pretty flippen awesome.  Sod the football – bring on 2010 Alice I say!