He’ll Scream Your Tweets

He will, you know.  That last post wasn’t a hoax – hell, it was in the paper and all, so it must be true.

C’mon – get involved…send your tweets to @ScreamUrTweets and go check out in about a week’s time to see if you made the cut.

In the meantime, here is Episode 2 – chosen over the first one because of the end bit…watch all the way through…I nearly died laughing.  Truly.  “Take that, penguins!”  Classic!


You gotta love Sam Wilson

Truly.  A latter day scattered genius…and funny to boot.  This then his latest scheme – send him your tweets and he’ll scream ’em from the top of Devil’s Peak, film himself doing so, and post it on his site here.  Modern communication – gotta love it.

Ain’t no party like my Nana’s tea party

Just before you get totally sick of it all, here’s old FOTC again, doing their rap battle “Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros”.  Classic.

There’s a better radio version at the BBC if you comb around for it, but live you get to see their facial expressions and interaction with audience etc, so at least you understand some of the other laughs.  Comic duo of the month!  (even though I’m a few years behind…)

Total Eclipse of the Heart – what’s really going on in the video

What did someone say?  Creativity is 7% sweat, 93% avoiding the internet?  …or something like that. 

Well, ees a bit of a blue Tuesday (actually bit of a blue period generally) so when I saw this link and blindly followed it, it did actually cheer me up some.  Thanks Max!

Apparently there’s a whole series of these, featuring A-ha, REM, Nirvana etc…but this seems to have caught everyone’s imagination the most.  Check it.  Then forget about it and continue having a good day.