Mashed in Plastic

MashedInPlastic OK y’all.  Here it is.  Check out the mashed up videos for the David Lynch mash-up project here.  You can also download the whole flippen thing here and browse around the site for inlays, pics, track information, as well as a whole lot of curiosities.  Do it.  Now.


25 minutes head tripping

Do it.  You know you wanna.  Go here, or download this link, pour a big ass whiskey, and give yourself over to 25 minutes of musing, reflecting, and some serious contemplating, as snippets of favourite movies, songs, and other sonic ambiences swim in and out of your consciousness.  These guys are Alan Black and Andy Smart (AKA Colatron – responsible for some of the Twin Peaks mash-ups I’ve been posting).  They rock.  Where does one find more sound like this?

She’s called The Jack

This is fairly disturbing.  Coming in at #2 on the Mashed in Plastic playlist this little mash-up of Badalamenti’s The Pink Room and AC/DC’s The Jack.  Remember tittering at this as a young pubescent kid?  Well titter no more.  In the hands of these guys, and spliced with Twin Peaks footage, it becomes downright nasty.  Gets in your head and twists it some.  I was watching/listening on headphones, and swear I had to look over my shoulder a few times…who’s there?…did I lock the freaking door?!?…in other words, really really good.

WARNING: for all those out there who haven’t watched Twin Peaks or Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me and still puzzle over “Who killed Laura Palmer?”, this reveals all.  Don’t watch it yet.  Get out there and buy/rent/steal the Definitive Gold Box Set and get busy you slackers!  TV was never the same after this.  Truly.

Twin Peaks Mash-Up

I guess it’s inevitable that at some point every Peaks-freak is gonna post something related to their love of the series, nay, whole mythology of Twin Peaks

Random surfing landed me in the lap (er…so to speak) of a number of mash-ups on Mashed in Plastic, featuring some stellar audio and video mixing.

This then the first one that popped up – of all people Kylie mashed with Angelo Badalamenti.  I have to say, I even tracked down the Kylie song afterwards.  And that’s saying something!  And it ain’t half bad.  What the hell is going on?!

While I worry and gibber about my impending onslaught of mid-pop senility, here’s Twin Hearts.  Enjoy…