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Sex Pistols for #1!

Have you heard about the campaign to get “God save the Queen” to #1 on the UK charts in time for the Queen’s birthday, and right the wrongs of 1977 where there was an “Establishment-led” effort to thwart it?  Seriously.  Gotta love the Sex Pistols and their legion of fans, and count us in damnit!  Check out this.  They say:

Don’t forget to download “God Save The Queen” by The Sex Pistols between midnight Sunday 30th May and midnight Saturday 5th June 2010. We want this song at number one during the Queen’s official birthday on Saturday June 12th (Chart week June 6th-12th). Let’s put right a 33 year wrong and give a band who are a national treasure the debut chart topper they were swindled out of by the establishment in 1977.

To celebrate, here’s old Sid doing “My Way” at the end of “the Great Rock ‘n Roll Swindle” – lousy film, great scene, way-y-y-y better than the cheesy “C’mon Everybody” (Sid on motorbike through the English countryside) and “Something Else” (Sid in white thong; seriously).  This one rocks.  Check the poses he drops into at the end.  Classic. 

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