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"Sid and Nancy – “Just gimme a kiss”

Thinking about the Pistols, was flipping through the great library that ees the interweb, and spent awhile reminiscing about “Sid and Nancy” – great film about London’s over-commercialised punk group (always more of a Clash guy meself) and a pretty dark but gripping take on the central relationship between Sid and nancy Spungeon – punk’s very own Yoko Ono; if you believe it.

This is one of the best scenes – a wasted Vicious (Gary Oldman – way cool) and Spungeon in bed, and he opting not for a shag but just a kiss instead.  Cue dumpsters, falling garbage cans, inner city wasteland.  Classic.  Sad and bleak.  But classic.

One response to “"Sid and Nancy – “Just gimme a kiss”

  1. I agree, a classic movie. It should be required viewing in high schools so that kids never want to take drugs. It worked for me.

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