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Die Antwoord sign to Interscope

Quoth the raven: “this is some next-level shit”.  According to News 24, Die Antwoord ahve recently signed up with Interscope Records, and will now be label-mates with big-ass bands like Eminem, Black Eyed Peas, 50 cent, G-Unit, and U2.  Ees pretty cool, I reckon.  They deserve a shot at real fame and exposure, though it will be interesting to see where it all goes.  They also drawing some heavy fire from SA music writers etc who cry a usual “sell-out”, but man – why not?  If there is so much international interest, why not go there?  And if the rest of the world buys their image more readily than SA, then so what?

The scariest thing means that we gonna get some bone-headed fans out there who suddenly think that everyone here sounds like that, or dresses like that, and irony will go right out the window.  My money’s on them being American.  Sigh…


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