AKA Rob Murray, Ugli Bob is a 6-foot freak with wildish hair, a winnning smile, and small packet of personality that seems to have a hole in it.  In more serious moments, he’s the artistic director of FTH:K in Cape Town, an up and coming theatre company with a specific bent towards interesting, innovative, visual performance. He also heads up their special project, A Conspiracy of Clowns.

But other than that, he’s just ugli. Really ugli. Exceptionally ugli.

This blog is an attempt to document tiny moments of happiness in a really ugli world.  We should all do this more.  Then we can replace Eskom and Telkom.  In fact any “-kom”.  Yep – their days are numbered…


4 responses to “About

  1. Cheers, sir! Many thanks for all the love you’ve given to Mashed in Plastic and the work of myself, Andy, and the other gents of 1086 Productions. Much appreciated!

    Be well.

    Alan Black

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  3. Wenchy

    Not so ugli Bob. Mental but not ugli.

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