"Sid and Nancy – “Just gimme a kiss”

Thinking about the Pistols, was flipping through the great library that ees the interweb, and spent awhile reminiscing about “Sid and Nancy” – great film about London’s over-commercialised punk group (always more of a Clash guy meself) and a pretty dark but gripping take on the central relationship between Sid and nancy Spungeon – punk’s very own Yoko Ono; if you believe it.

This is one of the best scenes – a wasted Vicious (Gary Oldman – way cool) and Spungeon in bed, and he opting not for a shag but just a kiss instead.  Cue dumpsters, falling garbage cans, inner city wasteland.  Classic.  Sad and bleak.  But classic.


She’s called The Jack

This is fairly disturbing.  Coming in at #2 on the Mashed in Plastic playlist this little mash-up of Badalamenti’s The Pink Room and AC/DC’s The Jack.  Remember tittering at this as a young pubescent kid?  Well titter no more.  In the hands of these guys, and spliced with Twin Peaks footage, it becomes downright nasty.  Gets in your head and twists it some.  I was watching/listening on headphones, and swear I had to look over my shoulder a few times…who’s there?…did I lock the freaking door?!?…in other words, really really good.

WARNING: for all those out there who haven’t watched Twin Peaks or Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me and still puzzle over “Who killed Laura Palmer?”, this reveals all.  Don’t watch it yet.  Get out there and buy/rent/steal the Definitive Gold Box Set and get busy you slackers!  TV was never the same after this.  Truly.

Follow the White rabbit

Ahhh…another interesting remake coming our way soon. I’m still looking for a copy of the doomed 1972 musical version with Peter Sellers in it (cover to the left)…seriously, if anyone ever finds it, I will donate a kidney or 2.  I probably shouldn’t say that online.

But this time it’s Tim Burton who has a crack at Alice, with Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter (who else?) and Helena Bonham Carter as the Red Queen…and a whole bunch of other famous peeps.  It’ll be interesting to see how Tim does at such a seminal book, and whether he can pull off what many versions haven’t quite done yet.  There are already mutterings about Alice now being a 19 year old, but hey.  It looks pretty flippen awesome.  Sod the football – bring on 2010 Alice I say!