Under the Mountain

So hands up – who remembers this from childhood of yore?  getting freaked out and spooked by the mud-worm-Wilberforces and cheering on the twins with their “eggs” of power?  Remember the model of the solar system and the turning of the Wilberforces into their slime variations?  Remember the guy-twin nearly fucking the whole thing up near the end?  Classic.

Not so sure it’s aged well, but still would love to see the original series just for a throwback to yesteryear.

Here’s another bit of a mash-up of various scenes…

And, missioning around the interweb, discovered that they’ve actually filmed it and released it last year.  Never quite got here, methinks, although mebbe still en route?  Or mebbe to snaffle up at a DVD shop somewhere.  Worth a tribute.  Worth a look in.  Don’tcha think?

Ah childhood.  Ah, memory.  Ah, TV…


Hold your Horses

Heh.  Gotta love it – this is one of the cleverest music vids I’ve seen in a while…”70 Million” by Hold your Horses, involving the band in various famous artworks – “The Death of Marat”, “The Last Supper”, “The Scream”, “The Anatomy Lesson”, “Venus” and others.  Lots of cardboard, drapery, cheekiness and outrageous sense of humour.  Dig it!

Happy Birthday Twin Peaks

20 years old.  Awesome!  Check here for an article looking at its impact on TV, as well as tributes from stars and crew.

I remember this breaking all over SABC.  Monday nights were legendary …creep upstairs, spooky theme music fills the house (Kork.E shivers in her room by nervous proxy), the episode freaks you out, turn off all lights with Killer BOB emblazoned in mind…go downstairs to room, unscrew burglar guard of window, sneak out back for a smoke near the trees…aaargh, the damn trees!  Mist lying low over the whole scene.  Fastest cigarettes I ever smoked!  Delicious mind-fuck.  Awesome!

Started rewatching the whole shebang over xmas holidays…must take up the slack and watch to the end…

He’ll Scream Your Tweets

He will, you know.  That last post wasn’t a hoax – hell, it was in the paper and all, so it must be true.

C’mon – get involved…send your tweets to @ScreamUrTweets and go check out in about a week’s time to see if you made the cut.

In the meantime, here is Episode 2 – chosen over the first one because of the end bit…watch all the way through…I nearly died laughing.  Truly.  “Take that, penguins!”  Classic!

Total Eclipse of the Heart – what’s really going on in the video

What did someone say?  Creativity is 7% sweat, 93% avoiding the internet?  …or something like that. 

Well, ees a bit of a blue Tuesday (actually bit of a blue period generally) so when I saw this link and blindly followed it, it did actually cheer me up some.  Thanks Max!

Apparently there’s a whole series of these, featuring A-ha, REM, Nirvana etc…but this seems to have caught everyone’s imagination the most.  Check it.  Then forget about it and continue having a good day.

Ladies’ Night?

Thanks to Granny for letting me know about this one.  This is for Smallz.  Why?  No no no – no snide comment at him, but more as finally a comeback for putting out the word on “Dick in a Box” all those years ago.

Coming across as a laid back, funk acoustic groove, with hints of Tenacious D, I know I really should have bumped into these guys Flight of the Conchords earlier, and so mebbe this is old news.  But a great song, and a great version from HBO One Night Stand series.  Oh hey…and tonight’s Wednesday.  I’m just saying.

For all the married guys out there.  Hit it!