Ex Smoker

It’s true.  Don’t hate me, but I am.  Not sanctimonious and in yer face about it, but now 2 and and a half years free of the habit.

Or am I?

Been a curious couple of days.  It goes like this: a week or so ago we had a party at our house…kinda spontaneous and evolving, but people stayed til the small wee hours and then sodded off leaving the usual chaos behind…and 2 packs half full of cigarettes.

So they get part of the big clean up, and for some reason they weren’t thrown out.  And there they’ve stayed, tucked next to the vitamins.  This wasn’t planned, and I’ve only just realised the horrible irony there.  But over the last few days, there’s been this weird ear worm going…hey Ugli, why don’t you just have one?  Tink’s now away, and you can sneak one and no one will know, and it doesn’t mean anything, and it’ll be cool, like being a teenager again – unscrewing the burglar guards at night and sneaking out to have quick smoke.

Crazy, really.  That little ear worm will just not go away.

And have I thrown away the cigarettes yet?  What do you think?


The Story of Stuff

Friends of ours are producing a great object manipulation show, “Paraphrenalia”, at the National Arts Festival starting in 3 weeks. They clock this as a reference point, and it makes for some fascinating and quite sobering viewing.  Some days you just wanna weep with frustration at the sheer reckless determination to make a buck.  We are so screwed.  I’d love to blame America (and don’t we all, really?) but it’s really just humans.

If the viewer ees a little small, then go to its website here.

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A Puppet on a String

Just when you thought things couldn’t get sillier, the chicken saga continues.  Not only were you able to bid for Julius the puppet (who, after threats of militant action by the ANCYL, returned to screens with face blurred out and voice changed to “protect” the “innocent”) and actually own the thing, but he’s now sold.

For 10 grand. Seriously.

Ah well. Apparently the cash is going to good cause – the Self-Help Development Organisation, which empowers young men by enabling them to finish matric and learn a trade like mechanics, electrical engineering and woodwork skills.  I’m not making this up.  I dunno if they’re still taking liberal pot-shots at old J.  And then…and then…asked for reaction, he says that he’s too busy building the new government to focus on “these puppets” and “cannot be concerned about chickens”.

Although, he does admit, "I eat chicken, it doesn’t matter which chicken, whether it’s one from the streets, cooked…"

I dunno.  Sometimes I really dunno.

Another Nando’s Ad with old Julius

Heard the fuss about this one when we were in Argentina – apparently “disrespectful” or something, or that Julius wanted to get paid for Nando’s using his image/name. Whatever.

As these ads go, this one is fairly tame, and not so funny methinks. It works better if you know the other ad that was on the radio, which was definitely funny.

So, much ado about nothing…?

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The less said, the bitter

03apr09xzapiroBleurgh.  It’s really hard to remain focussed and positive sometimes.  See me jump on this bandwagon late, but am pretty fucken upset and depressed about the charges being dropped. It remains an absolute startlingly embarassment to have old Jay Zed being touted all over the place as the next prez.  Goddamnit.

In the doomy pall that settles over us at the moment, perhaps the one saving grace is a feeling starting to emerge that we are entering into a sharp learning curve of democracy – and maybe, just maybe, we will all learn a little lesson on how valuable it truly is, and what actually having a vote means.  We could all do with a little roundhouse kick to the temple of apathy.

In the meantime…bleurgh. Ons survive met ‘n hellsa lot pein in hierdie land, ja