Gone Feeshing

Will be away in Beunos Aires, Argentina, for the next 10 days or so.  We’re performing our show, GUMBO at the Proyecto 34°S Festival there.  It’s this really great Argentina-South Africa Cultural Exchange dreamed up by that awesome lass, Nikki Froneman (who let’s shout out “Happy Birthday” to!  yeah!), and we’re flippen lucky to have been selected.

Dunno if I’m gonna get much of a chance to blog away with a rhythmic passion, and I’m bummed to be missing the action on Wednesday when y’all better vote!  There’ll be kak if I get back to find out otherwise!

But check out the action on my other blog, A Conspiracy of Clowns.  Gonna try capture the vibe as it’s happening.

Til later then, I say Adios. Uh huh, I say Buena suerte.