Enter Hitler to the AWB/Malema Circus

I wish they’d stop calling Malema, Terre’Blanche, Visagie et al “clowns” – it is a flippen insult to clowns, if you ask me.  These people are just morons, without the grace and naiveté of clowns the world over, through history and present.

What a week – from murders, Energade-spraying court stand-offs, E-TV outbursts, touching on studios, bloody bastards and agents…it truly is, as M&G put it, belly-flopping into “idiocracy”.

Thankfully, the interweb spins off its parodies, exposes such idiot behaviour, and allows us some moments of lightness in what could probably be a pretty dark and kak time for all.

Thanks to Matthew Buckland for posting this.  This Hitler parody has been around a while (I remember the version on the 2007 Super 14 final with joy), and here it resurfaces again, courtesy this time of Gus Silber, with dear old Adolf responding to the AWB calling off their machete race war.

Buckland writes:

“The original excerpt from the film is of Hitler launching into a furious tirade in his Berlin bunker upon finally realising that the war has been lost. The scene from the movie has become the staple of internet viral videos, spawning hundreds of parodies world-wide. It’s even become what is known as a “meta-meme”, because the meme itself is parodied in one of the videos. In many ways Silber’s version is particularly apt because of the similarity between the Swastika and the red and black “777″ symbol of the AWB. In fact, Hitler offers some constructive criticism of the AWB logo. Watch it and weep… with laughter.”

Laugh and weep.  About the best thing we can do right now, just before something serious needs to be done about the idiots.


Goddamn Mimes!

Everyone hates a mime, right? I tell you, it’s not easy having studied it for many years, performed it, taught it…cos…well, everybody hates a mime!

The French have much to answer for. Not least this – a hilarious take on Star Wars. Seriously. It’s ridiculous.

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What the SABC wouldn’t show you

Check it out – M&G Online posted this, and now it’s all considered “illegal”.The Es Ay Bleats Seeds has laid a charge over the “stolen property” after the Mail & Guardian Online posted an episode of Special Assignment on political satire on the web.The public broadcaster pulled the episode on Tuesday evening, mumbling about “internal processes”, after originally pulling it just before the elections in April.The doccie takes a look at political satire in South Africa and explores the fact that Zuma is suing award-winning cartoonist Jonathan Shapiro for millions of bucks, for among others, a cartoon portraying him about to rape Lady Justice.

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New Nando’s Ad – laugh through the kak

HaHaHaHaHa…just to prove that they ain’t lost their balles yet, Nando‘s come bouncing into the fray with this awesome ad.  (Is it for real, by the by?)

Important guy sends lackey to Nando’s to buy a meal, saying he should take money from petty cash.  Lackey responds it’s free – mahala. He told Nando’s it was for the Big Important Guy and so maybe they should “drop their charges”.

This ripped off radio this morning – just missing the beginning.  You gotta love the interweb…

Hmm. Have now just encountered the liability of free WordPress blogs – can upload pics and links no probs, but not other files.  Damn. Here’s a link to it instead. Quickly now – am sure they will kill it soon: http://www19.zippyshare.com/v/39304177/file.html

And I go shuffling off to find out about an upgrade…Tum Ti Tum…

Cowabunga, dude!

There have been many great rips of the ANC’s election poster that just asks for trouble with it’s slogan “Working together we can do more”.  So of course we’ve had “Working together we can do more CRIME” and a short hop and a jump to “Working together we can do more TIME” to the slightly more disturbing one from drug-gang-riddled Uitsig, “Working together we can do more DAMAGE”.

It was just a matter of time before people started messing about with the image, and so we get:

Jacob Zuma


Why no one has drawn a shower head a la Zapiro I dunno.  So keep an eye out…

Do you take it?

Watching Angels on Horseback on Friday, we laughed our asses off at their cover of The Wet SpotsTexas Annie.  Misioning around trying to find a copy of their song, I stumbled over this, which is also flippen funny.  Do you take it? manages to be cute, gawky, slightly smutty, and overall very funny, inclusing the great line: “You’re beautiful and curvy, but unless you’re kinda pervy, there’s no way you and me are going to last…”


Just been turned onto this – Bill Shannon, what a guy!  Born with a degenerative hip condition, he developed a way to express himself through dance and skateboarding on crutches. And it rocks.  And is smooth.

Flippen hell…we’ve done a lot of work with disabled and non-disabled performers in our career, and I’m always blown away by overcoming challenges and how individual artists rise against that which would keep them down.  So this is mindblowing.  Check it out…(ja ja ja…ees not a visa plug, mmkay?)

Back to Joshi?

It’s been 2 weeks now since we finished our Detox. We haven’t changed all that much in our diet – with the possible exception of exactly 4 cups of coffee in 14 days. And some other fruit. Which was really nice.

The biggest change has been booze. OK, we at a particularly stressful time, with the opening of our new show, Pictures of You, and the nightly performance is draining, intense, and we get wound up. Nothing quite like relaxing and unwinding afterwards with a whiskey or 2.

And here comes the kicker – man, can the body feel it! The last few days I’ve been exhausted, battling to wake up, yawny, stiff, and so on. Now we talking here about a whiskey or 2 per night. That’s not a lot at all. And a glass of red wine at our opening. But nothing compared to how we have been at times in the past. But that damn Joshi has rewired our systems, and I’m seriously considering going back on his detox. Seriously.

We seem to be straying onto the pathway of being boring. That sucks. No matter how healthy it is. But the feeling of being clear, and fresh, and cool, was awesome. As addictive as booze or anything else that might blow our trumpets.