Enter Hitler to the AWB/Malema Circus

I wish they’d stop calling Malema, Terre’Blanche, Visagie et al “clowns” – it is a flippen insult to clowns, if you ask me.  These people are just morons, without the grace and naiveté of clowns the world over, through history and present.

What a week – from murders, Energade-spraying court stand-offs, E-TV outbursts, touching on studios, bloody bastards and agents…it truly is, as M&G put it, belly-flopping into “idiocracy”.

Thankfully, the interweb spins off its parodies, exposes such idiot behaviour, and allows us some moments of lightness in what could probably be a pretty dark and kak time for all.

Thanks to Matthew Buckland for posting this.  This Hitler parody has been around a while (I remember the version on the 2007 Super 14 final with joy), and here it resurfaces again, courtesy this time of Gus Silber, with dear old Adolf responding to the AWB calling off their machete race war.

Buckland writes:

“The original excerpt from the film is of Hitler launching into a furious tirade in his Berlin bunker upon finally realising that the war has been lost. The scene from the movie has become the staple of internet viral videos, spawning hundreds of parodies world-wide. It’s even become what is known as a “meta-meme”, because the meme itself is parodied in one of the videos. In many ways Silber’s version is particularly apt because of the similarity between the Swastika and the red and black “777″ symbol of the AWB. In fact, Hitler offers some constructive criticism of the AWB logo. Watch it and weep… with laughter.”

Laugh and weep.  About the best thing we can do right now, just before something serious needs to be done about the idiots.


A Puppet on a String

Just when you thought things couldn’t get sillier, the chicken saga continues.  Not only were you able to bid for Julius the puppet (who, after threats of militant action by the ANCYL, returned to screens with face blurred out and voice changed to “protect” the “innocent”) and actually own the thing, but he’s now sold.

For 10 grand. Seriously.

Ah well. Apparently the cash is going to good cause – the Self-Help Development Organisation, which empowers young men by enabling them to finish matric and learn a trade like mechanics, electrical engineering and woodwork skills.  I’m not making this up.  I dunno if they’re still taking liberal pot-shots at old J.  And then…and then…asked for reaction, he says that he’s too busy building the new government to focus on “these puppets” and “cannot be concerned about chickens”.

Although, he does admit, "I eat chicken, it doesn’t matter which chicken, whether it’s one from the streets, cooked…"

I dunno.  Sometimes I really dunno.

Another Nando’s Ad with old Julius

Heard the fuss about this one when we were in Argentina – apparently “disrespectful” or something, or that Julius wanted to get paid for Nando’s using his image/name. Whatever.

As these ads go, this one is fairly tame, and not so funny methinks. It works better if you know the other ad that was on the radio, which was definitely funny.

So, much ado about nothing…?

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