Under the Mountain

So hands up – who remembers this from childhood of yore?  getting freaked out and spooked by the mud-worm-Wilberforces and cheering on the twins with their “eggs” of power?  Remember the model of the solar system and the turning of the Wilberforces into their slime variations?  Remember the guy-twin nearly fucking the whole thing up near the end?  Classic.

Not so sure it’s aged well, but still would love to see the original series just for a throwback to yesteryear.

Here’s another bit of a mash-up of various scenes…

And, missioning around the interweb, discovered that they’ve actually filmed it and released it last year.  Never quite got here, methinks, although mebbe still en route?  Or mebbe to snaffle up at a DVD shop somewhere.  Worth a tribute.  Worth a look in.  Don’tcha think?

Ah childhood.  Ah, memory.  Ah, TV…